Android Developer


Front-end Developer


What I do

  • Android mobile app developer


    Extensive experience of Android mobile app development lifecycle from zero to final release.

  • Software developer


    I love bringing my app designs to life with Kotlin, C#, using Android Studio or Visual Studio.

  • Database skill - mysql, sqlite


    With MySql, SQLite or other databases, I'm helping my users staying connected with their saved data.

  • Responsive front end developer


    Media query, a feature of CSS, allow me styling HTML to work perfectly to desktops, tablets or phones.

About me

Constantin Nistor

Freelancer Android developer and web developer, founder of Pixiefan

Self-taught programmer using Kotlin, C#, PHP - Android Developer and Web Developer from Romania, currently working on multiple Android applications with thousands of users.

A hard working person dedicated and committed to doing everything within my reach to ensure a good job in the time given.

I have a passion for new technology and I love creating useful apps with user-friendly interfaces while maintaining clean code and SEO friendly.

Published apps in Google Store with more than 600k downloads and 1000-1500 unique installs every day and over 130k active users.

Looking for a nice working environment and a team with which I can improve.

I'm not the best, but I will never stop learning.


  • App development, special Android
  • Kotlin, C#, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress
  • Realm, SQLite, MySQL databases
  • Android Studio, Visual Studio, Xamarin, Unity3D
  • Software Design Patterns (MVC, MVP)
  • Adobe XD, Photoshop
  • Git, Github